Incoming WebHooks Integration

Setup Instructions

We'll guide you through the steps necessary to configure an Incoming Webhook so you can start sending data to Space-Chat.

Webhook URL

authkey : It denotes the authkey of your organisation, for authkey please contact admin.

Sending Messages

For sending data to the Webhook URL above:
  • Send a JSON string as the body of a POST request
For a simple message, your JSON body should contain:
  • content property: This is the text that will be posted to the channel.
  • teamId property: This is the unique id for your channel and is necessary for sending messages to a specific channel.
  • By default the message will be sent by the name of Space Bot
  • username property: This is the name with which you want your messages to be posted(coming soon)

For teamId property of a specific channel refer to this image :

A simple example:

          "content": "This is a line of text in a channel. <br> And this is another line of text.",
          "teamId": "your-channel-id"
This will be displayed in the channel as:

Adding links

To create a link in your text, enclose the text with whixh you want your link to be embeded in [] square brackets and the url next to the text in () round brackets. For example:

          "content": "For opening the link. [Click here](",
          "teamId": "your-channel-id"
This will be displayed in the channel as:

NOTE: To add a new line, use <br> instead of \n