Lifetime Deal For SPACE


We are hosting our LTD through Pitch Ground, Please visit and buy through the following links:


For Channel


These deals are for a limited time and for a limited number of users. Grab fast!


How to avail
Make payment for OKR
Make payment for Channel


We will also add you to our customer advisory board to shape the future of SPACE.

Note: Every tool needs to be purchased individually in LTD, but every tool is tightly integrated with each other.



Do I need to purchase every tool individually? 
Yes, we have launched only two tools i.e. OKR and Channel, and are hosting both LTD individually. So if you want to use both tools you have to purchase both LTD. Once we are ready with the suite we might again launch the LTD for the complete suite. 

What is a lifetime deal?
To onboard the first 1000 companies Space is giving an opportunity to buy individual tools at one-time payment.
Can I get access to all tools by paying only for one in LTD?
No, You have to pay for every launched tool but if you are paying for OKR or Channel, you can subscribe for upcoming tools like Email, To-do, Document, etc. and you will get a discount on upcoming tools.
What is the validity of the lifetime deal?
When you will purchase any Space tool in the lifetime deal (pay for one time and use it for a lifetime).  That also means that your purchase will be valid for a lifetime. 

When this deal will be closed?
The deal applies to lifetime access if you are in the first 1000 companies. you don't have to pay anything extra after the deal is closed.
The number of users allowed in a lifetime deal?
Check your pricing plan for a lifetime, with every plan you will get unlimited storage.
Is our content stored securely?
Yes, we are a child company of MSG91 which has more than 120K clients base. So yes, you can trust us.
How many tools I will get in a lifetime deal?
Pricing is only for the tool you are purchasing and on upcoming tools, you will get a discount.
Which tool is launched and what are upcoming?
Currently, we are offering the OKR, Channel, and soon we are coming up with Doc, Email, and To-do planner.
Can I withdraw from the lifetime deal anytime?
Yes, definitely you can withdraw from the lifetime deal within 60 days from buying date. Space is guaranteed to pay back within 24 hours.